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Our Teachers

At STARS Education Whanganui our teachers are all qualified, experienced classroom teachers, who have additional qualifications in the field of Specific Learning Disabilities. Additionally, our teachers participate in regular professional development workshops, seminars and conferences. Teachers and assessors are all police checked at regular intervals.


All students are assessed thoroughly by our specially trained assessor before participating in the STARS programme. As a Ministry of Education recognised Level A, B, Csp & C tester, she is also able to provide assessments for secondary students applying for Reader-Writers and Special Assessment Conditions.

Teaching Programmes

Our programmes are individually tailored to the specific needs of the student.  Our methods are based on the latest in scientific and educational research.

Generally, we work one-on-one with students. Our set-up is flexible to accommodate the needs of students and teachers. We work in schools, in our STARS rooms in Community House, and in teachers’ and students’ homes—both during and outside school hours.


We run courses to better inform parents, classroom teachers, teacher aides and others about Dyslexia and other Specific Learning Disabilities.

Social Events 

We also provide social gatherings for students, families, teachers and other STARS supporters to meet in an informal and friendly way.


Visiting Speakers

From time-to-time we organise for people with a special interest in Learning Disabilities to speak to the community. This is generally opened up to anyone who is interested in attending, and attendance costs are kept to a minimum.


Policy on Child Abuse, Neglect, and Safety

As an organisation working with children, we are required to have a policy in place on Child Abuse, Neglect, and Safety.

Copy of this policy can be view here:

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